Health Enhancement

Health Enhancement Programs

Do you have a medical condition that is slowing you down and affecting your general health?   Do you wish you could manage your pain levels, increase your energy, improve your stamina, and maximize your overall strength to perform your daily activities? Our experienced and certified Exercise Physiologists will help you feel better and improve your whole body health so you can take control and regain your life.

Call (360) 854-0247 and talk with one of our Exercise Specialist to learn more about one of our Health Management Programs listed below.

  • Arthritis
    • The Arthritis Exercise Program is a low-impact exercise program proven to reduce pain, improve energy levels, increase range of motion, and enhance flexibility.
  • Bone Health
    • Have you been diagnosed with Osteopenia or Osteoporosis or are you at risk for developing bone disease? Increase your bone density, and muscle strength, and improve your joint stability with our Bone Health Exercise Program.
  • Back Care
    • Minimize low back pain through strengthening your core and learning proper posture. Increase your spinal range of motion for more efficient body mechanics while performing activities of daily living.
  • Diabetes Exercise
    • Have you been diagnosed with pre-diabetes or diabetes? If so our Diabetes Exercise Program will help you control your blood sugar, increase your energy, and improve your overall health.
  • Balance Program
    • Strengthen your ankles, knees, hips, and core through resistance training for sufficient strength to balance both statically and dynamically. Learn the proper way to fall (because sometimes it does happen) in order to decrease the occurrence of injury if a fall were to happen.
  • Heart Health
    • Reduce your risk for heart disease by controlling your risk factors. Lower your blood pressure, improve your cholesterol, decrease your blood sugars, reduce your stress levels, and improve your entire circulatory system with our Heart Health Conditioning Program.